I work at RBS Digital Studio embracing and optimising digital innovation.

I worked at Audiogum, a B2B tech company specialised in smart solutions for audio.


My freelance work is diverse and it was done in collaboration with a wide range of clients. You can see some examples bellow.

Desi Home Swap is a website for properties. The target user are people of Indian  background. It is an online marketplace and hospitality service for people to lease or rent short-term and long-term lodging. 

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Candipool is a responsive website to help people achieve desired career goals. 

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O’Phish is a platform that can be used to train employees of a company against phishing.  O’phish is a Phishing Simulator and it delivers a complete solution to assess, train, and test employee vigilance across a company.

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Daemon Career Coach App

A service for insight news about career development and leadership coaching. A career coach will work closely with you in order to help you determine where you would like your career to go and to develop a plan for achieving those goals. The app works as a nerve centre for retaining users and acquiring new clients exponentially.

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CZARDOM: a social platform for retailers

A vibrant network to get clients, find jobs, make friends, solve problems. Find interns, venues, vendors, sources or solutions. Czardom mission is to make the professional live easier through a smart, efficient, organised platform.

Case study coming soon

This is the final product. See the process here

Internet of things: Smart Office

A concept project to create an ubiquitous technology to improve office administration: from organising office supplies on storage, doing an inventory, analysing your office supplies usage and ordering online. Case study coming soon.

Talkwalker Dashboard: determine the best influencer

Users can get lost when they are confronted with too much information. Talkwalker offers a big range of data that should be presented on a user friendly interface.

Case study coming soon

Turbot. Mobile and desktop website.

Turbot takes your top interests and searches for potential dates on the website POF. Turbot sends your messages to the profiles. It helps you to skip some of the leg work of online dating. Case study coming soon. 

“Claudia quickly grasped the project and got working straight away. I loved her creative spark, her ability to interpret my ramblings into coherent design and the added value she brought to the project”. – Mark Hide, Team Kite

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