Daemon Career Coach

Case Study

PRODUCT: Mobile App     ROLE: UX DESIGNER     YEAR: 2017

Daemon Career Coach App is a service for insight and news about career development and leadership coaching. A career coach will work closely with you in order to help you determine where you would like your career to go and to develop a plan for achieving those goals.

I am brought into the team to design the new mobile version for Daemon Career Coach taking into account the information available on the Daemon Career Coach website. The objective is to create an interactive prototype for Daemon Career Coach mobile application. The app works as a nerve centre for retaining users and acquiring new clients exponentially.

I work in a small team and the client was directly involved in the process. The client and I met at my office in Bristol and I facilitated the workshop where we established the process for new feature requests, work prioritisation and user testing.

Stakeholder workshop

I meet the client face to face for a workshop, we collaboratively brainstorm the ideas and came up with creative solutions. We start the workshop with this idea:

I print a big lean canvas and we used pos it notes to think about opportunities.

The Opportunity:

– Use the Daemon’s blogging strength and make it easier for people to find and read the inspiring blogposts and share it with friends.

I focus particularly on the way users interact with motivational information and with the time they spend waiting for the bus or commuting to work. 93% of Daemon Career Coach clients take the bus to work. The psychology of how we experience time in these situations is fascinating. Research suggests that people routinely think they’ve waited twice as long for some outcome as they actually have. Waits feel particularly long when we’re not doing much in the meantime, when we’re already feeling anxious, and when the time horizon itself is uncertain.

Innovators have tried to solve the waiting problem (or the waiting perception problem) in many contexts. This is why dentists deploy fish tanks, and why elevators have mirrors. With Daemon Career Coach App we offer a solution offering motivational blogposts for clients.The app is made to retain users providing insights and free tips.

Requirement analysis

We had many ideas to reward champion users, but in order to meet budget constraints I am faced with the challenge to decide which features are crucial on the time frame and which ones could wait.

We successfully prioritised the features and found ways to optimise the processes, resulting in big time savings during the design process. We decided to focus on empathy and stickiness of the app.

Competitors analysis

The competitors analysis showed that none of the Career Coaches based in Bristol have a blog, a strong online presence or a digital strategy and it would be truly advantageous for Daemon Career Coach to get ahead of competition.

User Research and User testing

The analytics shows that most pages of the website (e.g. blogposts) were hardly seen by the users. Since we were in the process of building the application, this was a good time to look into what was happening and how to present valuable information to the users in a friendly interface. 

I have conducted user interviews to get an insight into what was happening and how we could improve the user experience. I was able to gain useful information and better understand user needs.

Based on the interviews findings, I made rapid prototypes of the app that were later tested with users.


Navigation redesign: sketches and wireframes

I conduct the research and created a document that covered all the possible variations of the navigation. Given that information I redesign the navigation.

The new and simplified distribution of information significantly improved user experience and allowed the users to access the information they need from any page. The users can also go to the blog in just one tap, share blogposts and access contact informations straight away. 

Rapid Prototyping

In order to test new features quickly and efficiently, I create rapid interactive digital prototypes using Axure software. The prototypes proved to be very successful and saved cost when designing new features or redesigning the existing ones.






– Other contributions to Daemon Career Coach

Email Template Design

I work closely with the client and help to design and build custom email templates for news updates and insights.

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