About Claudia Loch

I am a problem solver with a PhD in Art and Technology.

I am driven by curiosity, empathy and a desire to find solutions that are intuitive to use, inspire positive emotions and are technically achievable given time and budget constraints.

I’ve been a UX designer since 2009, I currently work for the Royal Bank of Scotland and Natwest UK. I won Software Designer of the Year at the Bristol Prestige awards, 2020.

I have experience in designing sites and software for specific target groups and end users.

I guarantee that the user experience for individuals using websites or applications is as efficient as possible and makes sense to people. In practice this means I create applications and sites that are usable, easy to navigate, aesthetically appealing and engaging.

“Claudia is an expert in the art of UX design and has been essential in realising my visions for compelling, simple and easy to use mobile apps – we are based in Asia and Claudia’s excellent communications skills, together with her immediate understanding of our objectives and ambitions, has been critical to our success in helping people with our altruistic projects” – Nick Middleton, Co-Founder, Heritage Orient

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