1.1 Understanding the Users

1.2 What is Currently Out There

1.3 Identify the best way to make the website user-friendly


3.1 Idea generation

3.2 Testing initial ideas

3.3 Iterative evolution




Candipool is a responsive website and a mobile app. Candipool users are job hunters or employers. The site helps users to achieve desired goals in their career. Candipool features include:

  • Job Aspirants Domain
  • Assessor Domain
  • Employers Domain
  • Resume Writing Service Domain
  • Interview / Coaching Domain

We are a small team of three people. A product owner, an advisor and me. We work remotely. We have an open channel of communication and cooperative work. I suggest the plan and schedule where we established the process for work prioritisation and milestones. 

The product owner has knowledge of the target user.

The opportunity

It is a greenfield project from concept to delivery.


1. DISCOVERY     Top 

During this stage I conducted the research. I looked at the competitive landscape and interviewed people. The primary users of Candipool are immigrants. Candipool helps people who move to other countries and don’t have the necessary network to acquire jobs. Candipool will enable the user’s skills to be tested online.1.1 Understanding the Users

1.1 Understanding the Users     Top 

Who are we designing for

1.2 What is Currently Out There

1.2 What is Currently Out There     Top 

Methods: competitive analysis




1.3 Identify the best way to make the website user friendly

1.3 Identify the best way to make the website user friendly     Top 

How is the user experience? What are their pain points?

Methods: user interviews

User interviews helped us to understand how users search for new jobs or for potential employees. Users usually know where they would like to work, and they want employers to see that they are capable of doing a good job (sometimes without meeting them). On the other hand, employers are worried about choosing the wrong person for the job and living with the consequences.

“I would like to have a bull**** detector”


Pain points:

Candidates are really keen to work hard and earn money. The pain point is to prove they have the desired skills. Candidates get rejected over and over again, and the process destroys their self-esteem. Recruiters, on the other hand, want to get the right person and find the process a waste of their time.

Closer look at user experience

Methods: user journey, user flow

User journey


User flow: Alejandro getting his skills tested 


User flow: James wants to get payed 


User flow: Mark wants to hire 


3. DESIGN     Top 

Test initial ideas, create sketches and digital wireframes

3.1 Idea generation

3.1 Idea generation     Top 

Methods: design studio

Together with Munish, I brainstormed ideas.

Start simple:
  • Minimise risk. Start with the minimum viable product 
  • Make incremental improvements

3.2 Testing initial ideas

3.2 Testing initial ideas     Top 

Methods: digital wireframes, user testing

Based on the ideas generated during the brainstorm, I created rapid digital wireframes and tested it with users

3.3 Iterative evolution

3.3 Iterative evolution     Top 

Methods: sketches, digital wireframing, user testing, clickable prototype in InVision

Simple sketches evolved into more detailed wireframes that were tested and adjusted along the way.



Wireframes candidate


Wireframes assessor


Wireframes employer


4. DELIVERY     Top 

I create clickable prototypes.