An introduction to UX workshops

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin

24th September 2019

Why do you need to do a workshop?

  • As a designer, you need to create the best experience while considering limitations and trade-offs.
  • A UX design workshop is a great way to make sure all stakeholders are on the same page.


3 things to do in your workshop:

1: Plan  2:Execute  3:Examine

To plan your workshop, decide who needs to participate. What’s your goal and why you want to do a workshop? Outline your agenda upfront. Secure the material needed and do a dry run. Decide who does what and send your agenda to the participants beforehand.

To execute your workshop, invite all decision-makers and stakeholders from the product team who might have valuable input: product owner(s), designers, developers, researchers etc. They will develop a common understanding of the product and the users.

Do exercises – You can use a wide variety of methods to create a competitive spirit. Time management is an important aspect. If there are decisions to be made, use dot voting, it will level the playing field.

Use IDEO’s Rules for Brainstorming – Defer Judgment, encourage wild ideas, build on the ideas of others, stay focused on the topic, one conversation at a time, be visual, and go for quantity.

To examine, refine and organise the outputs of the workshop, report back, align expectations and define next actions.

You can do a few exercises during your workshop: Questions & Answers; Persona Creation; 4-UP Exercise; Task Flows; Customer Journey.

The objective of the Customer Journey Workshop is to map the whole process the customers go through, before, during and after using your product. It will help the team to see a holistic picture.

How will you do it? Create a draft of the journey steps, research, organise the information and ideate. The outcome will be a big table of 3 phases of the customer journey: before the usage, using the product and after the usage.

All right! Get your to-do list, gather your workshop materials and go for it 🙂

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